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Dr. Artika Tyner is an engaging speaker and dynamic presenter on leadership, civil rights, diversity, and social justice topics. She has helped audiences and organizations gain new tools for leading social change. Her goal is to teach, educate, and inspire.  (Media Kit)

Her speaking engagements include:

International Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Minnesota State Bar Association, Saint Paul Public Schools, Towards An Africa Without Borders, University of Minnesota School of Law, William Mitchell College of Law, and many more.

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Speaking Topics

• The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice
The Leader’s Journey: A Guide to Discovering the Leader Within
Motivated to W.I.N. (Academic Success, Student Motivation)
Women Leading Change
Addressing Implicit Bias
• Civil Rights: Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, School to Prison Pipeline
• Building an Inclusive Classroom and Workplace (Diversity/Inclusion)

This list includes a selected representation of her previous speaking engagements:

  • American Bar Association, Lecturer, “Discovering your Leadership Style and Marketing your Signature Brand.”
  • Midwest Qualitative Research Conference, Presenter, “Planting People, Growing Justice: A Qualitative Case Study on the Role of Lawyers as Leaders.”
  • American Bar Association, Collaborative Law Leadership Academy, Panelist, “Building Relationships for Community Impact.”
  • Midway Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development Summit, Keynote Address, “”Transforming Business Practices: The Value-added of Diversity and Inclusion.”
  • University of St. Thomas School of Law, Keynote Address, “Women in Leadership.”
  • Hamline University, Keynote Address, “Leading Change: Social Justice and You.”
  • University of Minnesota School of Law, Panelist, “Women of Color in Law and Policy.”
  • 5th Annual Charter School Law Conference, Keynote Address, “The School to Prison Pipeline.”
  • Children’s Defense Fund, Presenter, “Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline: A Restorative Justice Approach.”
  • Maryland State Bar Association, Keynote Address, “Leadership for Social Justice.”
  • National Education Association, Speaker, “Eradicating the School-to-Prison Pipeline.”
  • Self-Sufficiency Research Clearinghouse, Speaker, “The Impact of Incarceration on Families, Children and Communities.”
  • 9th Annual World Women’s Symposium, SIAS University, Xinzhen, China, Speaker, “Women Leading Change.”
  • State Bar Association of Wisconsin, 7th Annual Young Lawyers Leadership Conference, Keynote Address, “The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice, Providing Tools for Advancing Social Justice.”
  • Association of Black Women in Higher Education Annual Conference, Presenter, “Empowering Women to Lead Change in the Global Community.”
  • American Bar Association LeadLaw Conference, Speaker, “The Lawyer as Public Servant.”
  • Towards an Africa without Borders Conference, Durban, South Africa, co-presented paper entitled: “Training Lawyers to Become Engineers of Social Change.”
  • 5th International Conference on Clinical Legal Education, Johannesburg, South Africa, co-presented paper entitled: “The Principles of Ubuntu: Training Lawyers to Become Engineers of Social Change.”