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ABOUT THE LEADERSHIP FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE PROJECT: In the spring of 2015, Dr. Artika Tyner launched the Leadership for Social Justice Project© with the goal in mind of building a global leadership community. This Project challenges people to discover the leader within, take a stand for justice and serve in community. It also serves as an indispensable tool for bringing leaders together to share their passion for social justice and build strategic partnerships. How will you lead change?

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Download and print your I WILL LEAD CHANGE BY Sign

Complete the Statement (I WILL LEAD CHANGE BY…)

Take a picture holding your sign

Share your picture on social media with the hashtag #LeadershipforSocialJustice

Encourage your family and friends to join the #LeadershipforSocialJustice Project

Thank you in advance for your participation. Together, we will plant seeds of social change and reap a harvest of justice and peace.