The Minnesota Humanities Center is grateful to Dr. Tyner for so generously sharing her knowledge and expertise as we prepared eight communities throughout Minnesota to engage in community conversations around the Constitution. Using a case study of the Civil War, Dr. Tyner brought a key idea to life: that the Constitution is a living document and a work still in progress.
Erika Herrmann, Assistant Program Director, Minnesota Humanities Center


This presenter was the best presenter that I have ever seen. I would attend a presentation of hers again.
Conference Attendee, Minnesota Department of Human Services


Planting People, Growing Justice has raised my awareness and accommodation of different perspectives or world views as a way of helping others achieve their goals.

– Conference Attendee, Planting People, Growing Justice Vision Board Training


Dr. Artika Renee Tyner captured the Gala audience with an excellent introduction of herself and the two books she has written.  I was very impressed that she challenged our youth to make an impact in their communities and become leaders.

– Dorothy Barnes-Griswold, Scholars of Minnesota- C.O.P.E. Project


Inclusive discussion followed, guided and challenged by expert instruction.

– Conference Attendee, Overcoming Racism Conference


Thank you for bringing your work to my classmates and me. You bring great energy, clarity and purpose to painful topics.
– Suzy Gustafson, University of MN School of Law


Leadership opportunities in our communities and the profession are so important.  Thank you for showing our members how vital it is to become more engaged in leadership roles.
– Ralph Cagle, President, State Bar of Wisconsin (2015-16)


Dr. Artika Tyner’s message was poignant and struck a chord with me and those amid my working group during her session on Diversity and Inclusion with The Midway Chamber of Commerce. Dr. Tyner’s message compelled me to mine and challenge my personal narrative and everyday working assumptions on racism and inclusion.  I work for a non-profit that supports adults with disabilities, a community that is often excluded from central narratives; and her questions and strategies hit home for my work in this community as well.  Thank you to Dr. Tyner for encouraging and inspiriting conversation that leads to action. 

– Erika Schwichtenberg, Ally People Solutions


The content discussed during this session encouraged participants to step outside of their comfort zones in order to promote positive social change. Instead of ineffectively discussing issues at their surface levels, we were able to peel back the layers and analyze root causes for social injustices.

– Teron Buford, President- Minnesota Association of Counselors of Color (MnACC)


Your presentation was superb. From the moment you began your remarks, you had the audience’s attention.  I know I have thought about my own biases frequently since hearing your talk.

– Judy Leahy Grimes, AAUW Member


Dr. Tyner did an incredible job setting the stage for our conversation around intergenerational poverty and mass incarceration.  Her deft ability to facilitate a conversation between the panelists and the rest of the attendees ensured that the event was a huge success.  I will highly recommend her as both a keynote speaker and panel facilitator.

– Acooa Ellis, Director of Social Justice Advocacy, Catholic Charities of Saint Paul & Minneapolis


Dr. Tyner’s energy around Implicit Bias is infectious!  She provides a foundation to the subject, presents in a manner that makes you look internally at my own biases, and involves the audience giving all an opportunity to express their opinions and thoughts!

 – Judy Bednar, Associate Director of Human Resources, College of Saint Benedict | Saint John’s University


Dr. Tyner was incredible.  She was exceptionally engaging and inspiring as the keynote speaker for our Black History Month Soul Food Dinner.  She challenged us law students to be leaders, and provided us with tools to be the most effective advocates for social change.    

– Rashanda Bruce, Co-President, Black Law Students Association


As expected, Dr. Tyner’s presentation was engaging and informative.  Our students were so enthralled with her, that many of them continued the conversation beyond our allotted time to continue discussing a learning.  Her personal and professional stories are so interesting, and her ability to make connections to social justice so strong, you can’t help but be encouraged after hearing her speak.

– Brandyn Woodard, Director of Intercultural & International Student Services


Artika is a treasure. She inspired me and was incredibly charismatic and memorable. 

Participant, 42nd Annual National Wellness Conference